Anti-aging: Ways to Rejuvenate Youth

Aging is a process that people must go through during normal growth. From the perspective of biological theory, we are born, grow, and grow old. From birth to aging, and then to normal death, a person is inseparable from cell failure. There are two main reasons for cell senescence. The first is that the cells cannot get the nutrients they need, and the second is that the cells are attacked by toxins. The World Health Organization pointed out that the most effective way to delay aging and slow down cellular senescence is to repair cells, improve cells and activate cells.

Professor David of Harvard Medical School. Professor David Sinclair discovered that the compound of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide NAD+ can effectively repair DNA damaged during the aging process of life. David. Professor David Sinclair's research has shown that the cellular molecule NAD + is the key to maintaining mitochondrial function. Exogenous supplements can improve the function of mitochondria and senescent cells and extend the lifespan of mice. Using NAD + precursor nicotinamide ribose (NR) to feed aging (24 months) mice, after a period of observation, it was found that their muscle function was the same as that of 3-month-old rats, and the neural stem cell potential was enhanced. Derived senescence has a reversal effect.

One way we can maintain a healthy level of NAD + is to take NAD + health products, such as S-CELL's [NAD Revival]. Increasing NAD+ through external supplements can repair senescent cells, enhance cell energy, and achieve anti-aging effects. David. Professor David Sinclair also shared his own anti-aging daily life earlier. The following is his video. He takes NAD+ supplements every day, with moderate exercise and a healthy diet.

Benefits of NAD+

Prevent vascular aging

We rely on skeletal muscle movement to maintain stability and strength. In order to stay strong and in good shape, these muscles must consume many key energy molecules, such as glucose and fatty acids. Since NAD+ is needed to metabolize these molecules, our muscles need to stably supply its building blocks, such as NMN. Studies on mice have shown that NMN can prevent many aging-related health declines, such as blood vessel stiffness, oxidative stress, the ability of our cells to maintain division, and even change the activity of our genes (scientists call it gene expression).

Super antioxidant

In fact, antioxidants are short for antioxidant free radicals. People's continuous contact with the outside world, such as breathing, external pollution, radiation exposure and other factors, will continuously produce free radicals in the body. Scientific research shows that aging or disease is mainly related to the production of excessive free radicals.

NAD+ is the strongest reducing substance in cells, so it has the strongest antioxidant properties and can scavenge harmful free radicals. However, with age, the NAD+ in the human body will gradually decrease, and the external supplement of NAD+ has become a very important part.

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