Healthy Old Urchin: How to live longer and happier ?

After working so hard for decades, the older we get, the more we should play!

Mr. Wong came to our central office today to stock up on Cell Revival. He told us that he had been traveling around the world for the past 3 months we hadn’t seen him with his wife. In one case the 60-year-old Mr. Wong and his wife went to Bali to get an actual divers degree! Mr. Wong even proudly told his coach that he saw sea rays, sea turtles, and even never-seen-before fish when he swam to 15 meters deep.

VitaCell has many loyal fans, and many of them are retired like Mr. Wong. They understand that to fully enjoy life they first need to be healthy. This is why they have the habit of eating 2 capsules of Cell Revival every morning.

Talking about Mr. Wong reminds us of Sir David Tang Wing-cheung who passed away in August because of liver cancer.

Sir David Tang Wing-cheung (1954-2017)

Although Sir David was admirable for his talent and style, his poor attitude towards maintaining his health left a lot to be desired. According to the media, when writer Chip Tsao (also known by his pen name To Kit) last saw Sir David, he was astonished by Sir David’s yellow skin that was already marked with liver spots. He also mentioned Sir David had lost weight and was walking unstably. Nonetheless, he still had a cigar in one hand and a glass of wine in another. Chip Tsao reminded him to pay attention to his health and diet carefully.

If this is gods envying those with talent, then VitaCell’s research and development team are fighting against fate. Scientists have proven (link) that you can increase mitochondria and cell activity by increasing NAD+ levels in your body. This can help you fight aging and even reverse aging.

The Hong Kong Liver Foundation states that an average of 2000 people dies of liver cancer in Hong Kong per year, with most of them around 60 years old. It is noteworthy that the number of non-alcoholic patients with fatty livers is also increasing because of new metabolic disorders which cause accumulation of intrahepatic fat. At the same time, many other disorders which are caused by decreasing metabolic functions such as obesity and diabetes are increasing. Moreover, patients are at more risk of cirrhosis (scar tissue replaces healthy tissue in the liver) and liver cancer.

The liver is the largest organ in our body and performs many complex yet highly important functions, such as detoxification, metabolism, and secretion of bile for digestion. As we age, the decades of drinking catches up to us as the liver is harmed irreversibly. Unfortunately, there are no sensory nerves in the liver so we cannot feel any problems. We must start protecting and nourishing our liver as soon as possible to maintain a healthy metabolism and body function.

CELL REVIVAL's key ingredient NR can quickly raise NAD+ levels in our body. This can increase mitochondrial function to improve metabolism and other body functions in our body to fight aging. Not only can it strengthen our liver, but it can also improve illnesses that come with aging - such as diabetes and blood vascular diseases.

If you want to become as energetic as Mr. Wong even after his retirement and scale up mountains and dive into the sea, then you need to make the right decision and replenish your body. Everyone can age healthily and enjoy their life.

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