In the near future, one-third of Hong Kong people will suffer from dementia?

Studies have pointed out that two-thirds of patients with dementia will feel lonely and isolated [1]. Dementia, also known as Alzheimer's disease, I believe you will not be unfamiliar with this name. The main symptoms of dementia are deterioration of thinking ability and memory. However, is dementia really just "bad memory"?

Isn't dementia just "bad memory"?

Dementia can be roughly divided into several types, including common Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia and so on. In addition to memory decline and difficulty in learning new things, dementia will seriously affect daily self-care. Patients will become cold, difficult to distinguish time and place, irritable and irritable, and so on.

An elderly person with dementia in an elderly home used a canal cover to attack a resident in the same hospital, resulting in one death and one injury[2]. Don't think that dementia is just as simple as "bad memory." If it is not detected and treated early, it may lead to tragedies.

Do people with dementia completely lose the ability to communicate?

Most people with dementia feel isolated by society and those around them. The predicament they face is beyond our imagination. They will feel unfamiliar and confused in this world, and it is also difficult to communicate with others or even express their feelings. Therefore, we must not only prevent dementia, but also provide more care to patients with dementia.

It is not that patients with dementia cannot communicate and think, we can still communicate and interact with them normally, but patients need more time to think about how to respond. The following video records some conversations between children and patients with dementia:

"Dementia Action Week": More encouragement and care for patients with dementia

May 20 to May 26 is the "Dementia Action Week". Everyone is encouraged to talk to the dementia patients around them, whether it is family members, friends, or neighbors. No longer feel isolated and helpless. You may ask, how to start a dialogue with patients? The patient in the above video has already said the answer:

  • "Talk to me, smile, give me a little patience, so I have time to reply."
  • "A simple "Hello," talk about the weather, or any topic you feel comfortable with."
  • "Be yourself. Yes, we make mistakes, but we can make jokes together."
  • "I like people asking me questions. Even if dementia exists, we can still contribute to the things around us and continue to live. It makes me feel alive."
  • "Don't be afraid, a conversation can prove that we are still us."

Is dementia far away from us?

According to estimates, by 2050, one-third of the Hong Kong population over 80 years old will suffer from dementia[3], and dementia will become younger. Early detection and treatment can effectively reduce the impact of dementia. How should we deal with dementia?

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