Why do epigenetics tests?

The biggest "killer" that we humans face is precisely the chronic diseases, 80% of which are caused by living habits and environmental factors. In other words, they can be prevented before they happen.

Epigenetics tests provide a measurable link between these external factors and long-term diseases. Chronomics uses cutting-edge epigenetics tests to promote "prevention" and make this concept the standard and norm for health care and medical treatment. You are placed at the center of the idea. All tests on the market reflect the existing diseases of your body, not your health. Therefore, Chronomics has designed clinics for patients to self-monitor symptoms. However, Chronomics is the only test that can be used to measure the health status and the impact of lifestyle changes on health. Now, we use clear test indicators to set health goals.

Epigenetics, as the name suggests, is the study of genetics "above". Your genes and DNA will not change, but how they are expressed from the body is different, and epigenetics is exactly what determines how to express. If your life is a set of movies, your cells are actors, and your DNA is the script, then epigenetics is the director’s operation.

Epigenetic changes include:

  • Impact-Determine what a stem cell will become in the end
  • Dynamic-Get the concept of trends and compare past and future health conditions
  • Behavior-most importantly, they can be changed by you due to lifestyle habits and environmental factors, such as nutrition, stress, sleep, smoking, toxins, radiation, etc.

The epigenetic test will present your DNA in reality, combining the long-term risk of disease with changing living habits and environmental factors, so that you can seize the opportunity to prevent long-term diseases and measure how far away you are. Diseases, progress in improving health.

How is the test conducted?

There are many operating modes for epigenetic testing, but the most effective one must be DNA methylation (DNAm). More DNAm means less "gene expression".

As a pioneer in adopting next-generation sequencing, Chronomics uses this powerful technology to measure millions of DNAm positions on the genome. Using machine learning, the Chronomics team has established highly accurate epigenetic predictive indicators, including physiological age, metabolic status, and level of exposure to cigarettes, and more indicators will gradually become available.

Chronomics is the first company to use high-end epigenetic testing in the field of preventive health care. It builds bridges between users and health professionals. To start your epigenetic testing journey, you only need:

Collect saliva samples

No syringe is needed, you just need to fill in the saliva sample and the questionnaire and send it back together, and you will get your test results within a few weeks.

From change to improve health

The intelligent online platform can provide you with suggestions on changes in lifestyle and environmental factors, so that you can start to improve your health. If you need assistance, you can also work with Chronomics' healthcare therapists. Don’t worry, your data will only be available to you. Disclosure by permitted persons.

Repeat the process

When you take the first step to improve your health, you can measure how these changes affect your body’s aging and disease risk. Your genetic test can tell you the risk of breast cancer inherited from your mother, but Chronomics can let you Long-term detection of risks, and know how to reduce it.

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