Out of the Dark Age of DNA: Environmental Epigenetics

We are at the forefront of DNA testing. DNA-based insights are no longer static or fixed from birth, but changeable. This frontline is epigenetics. Over time, the power of DNA-based insights has expanded, completely changing the way we conduct health management. How could this be?

Epigenetics refers to how your lifestyle and environment affect you at the DNA level. This is the next cutting-edge area of ​​DNA testing, providing in-depth insights over time, detailing what you can actually take The latest health risk information for changes.

Personalized epigenetic testing is completely changing our thinking about health care, from a universal and passive form to a personal and active form.

Despite the in-depth research on the science of epigenetics, the cost of the evaluation technology is prohibitively high. Up to now, for the first time in history, we can use next-generation sequencing technology to evaluate DNA in the consumer field. The point of basicization.

Using machine learning (Machine Learning) methods, Chronomics scientists have been on the cutting edge of technology based on epigenetic predictive indicators. The founder of Chronomics engaged in the earliest module research 4 years ago.

Unlike genetic testing companies, Chronomics’ novel methods can provide diverse insights over time. Contrary to blood tests that always use the “ordinary person” standard, the epigenetic test results of Chronomics for saliva testing will consider personalized information , Which connects you to the genome and tells you how the genome corresponds to the surrounding world.

In addition, the epigenetic module means that the epigenetic module is easier to understand for consumers than traditional blood tests.

CHRONOMICS-for everyone

Although tests based on static DNA have become commonplace, the Chronomics project provides the first variable DNA test and provides continuously updated results that can provide actionable information on how to affect health risks. Chronomics' solutions can benefit from genetic information and provide the most personalized health signals based on it.

The Chronomics program is a bridge for people to interact with general practitioners and health coaches. Not only provide you with test results, but also let you manage the results yourself. We help you interact with the support network, conduct and track health changes, make your life healthier, and prepare for the next test in the coming year.

At Chronomics, the most exciting thing is that it is not far away from the future where health and wellness are integrated with mainstream consumers. Chronomics is turning personalized and active treatment into the norm, so that all stakeholders who maintain your health will act in concert and personalize at the same time. Health information projection becomes ubiquitous. In order to realize this future, Chronomics has taken an unprecedented approach and made it feasible.

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