Keep up to date with the latest trends in biotechnology in 2020!

Mental health and natural forces

  • Many companies are constantly looking for new ways to deal with mental health problems, and modern scientific innovations are applied to them. A Canadian company called Champignon Brands is targeting hallucinogenic mushrooms, which contain compounds that may reduce symptoms of depression. Aspect is very effective.

GILD's treatment of COVID-19

  • Gilead Sciences (GILD), a large biotechnology company, is investigating how a drug called remdesivir may be effective in treating COVID-19. This drug was developed to fight the Ebola virus outbreak in 2014, but this is the latest news. There is COVID- 19 patients seem to respond well to this treatment because it inhibits the same enzymes.
  • Another company called Novartis (NVS) is also working on a malaria treatment, which is believed to also help treat the coronavirus.

CRISPR and others

  • The well-known CRISPR/Cas technology is now being expanded and is trying to surpass genome editing. This is the traditional working method of similar systems. The main feature of this tool is robustness and flexibility, making it versatile, and it has now become available for many other applications. A tool for genome and chromatin manipulation. It can also perform basic editing, major editing, genetic screening, and even be used as a biosensor.

The unity of biotech companies!

  • Since May last year, four biotech companies including Arzeda, Twist Bioscience, Labcyte and TeselaGen have decided to cooperate with medical organizations to achieve better results and catch up with the ever-evolving life sciences. This collaboration will establish a state-of-the-art assembly platform for DNA. Their main goal in this project is to produce food and industrial necessities that can be manufactured from their laboratories, thereby reducing the need to harvest or mine DNA supplies.

Pricing based on actual value

  • Many companies are now demonstrating the efficacy of drugs in real time, as first-hand information to show customers the value of their products. This is due to the fact that more and more laws aimed at reducing the rate of increase in the price of biotechnology products in pharmaceutical and nutrition laboratories have been produced. Loyal customers provide reliable evidence.

Genetics dominates the stage

  • With the development of biotechnology, more genetic treatment methods have now been adopted, increasing the use of genetic information to assess, diagnose and treat various health problems in humans and animals. In addition, this technology can also help experts ( Most of them are researchers and scientists) through advanced epigenetic testing and other methods to identify genome sequences that can be used to predict diseases, diseases, and disorders.

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