Epigenetics: opening the door to longevity

Imagine your life is like a long movie, in which the actors are the many cells that make up your body. Actors are an indispensable part of movie production. Like movies, these cells are also an important part of your body. The story of a movie is carefully explained in a script, just like our DNA. The director of a movie can be represented by epigenetics. The script may be the same, but the director can choose to remove the dull elements from the script, change the shooting angle, or add new plots to the story to make the quality of the movie even better.

Epigenetics studies exactly how changes in gene expression (Gene experssion) cause changes in DNA, and it plays an important role in the pursuit of longevity. Citing the above analogy established by the British biological authority Nessa Carey, we can explain why epigenetics is the best way to pursue a healthy life. How epigenetic testing plays an important role in encouraging people to pursue a healthy life has always been the most anticipated topic in the health care industry. DNA is the chemical blueprint of our body, how to determine our health trajectory, and how to use DNA to find out how to improve health at the cellular level, these problems must be resolved through epigenetics.

Prevention is better than cure

Epigenetics is based on one of the most basic health concepts: prevention is better than cure.

In conclusion, epigenetic testing can detect the future health trajectory of a person by observing the genetic structure of human genes, which can bring out signals about genetic diseases and genetic mutations caused by environmental and lifestyle factors, including (but Not limited to) environmental pollution and bad health habits (such as smoking, lack of sleep, excessive drinking, etc.). These external factors will trigger DNA methylation, the appearance of foreign chemical markers (Biomarkers) and imprint on DNA, affect its genetic structure and change its instructions to cells, which may cause fatal diseases.

For example, mutations in the three genes BRCA1, BRCA2 and TP53 are considered to increase the risk of breast cancer or ovarian cancer in women. Through epigenetic testing, the detection of these mutations can allow medical personnel to take preventive measures (and possibly even make an early diagnosis), and allow people with genetic mutations to actively change their lifestyles to try to prevent the occurrence of diseases. Epigenetic testing allows you to better understand those factors that will seriously affect DNA, so that you can use more targeted methods to improve your health and avoid potential chronic diseases.

Principles of Epigenetics Testing

Epigenetics testing is supported by cutting-edge machine learning technology. This state-of-the-art DNA testing technology allows scientists to observe DNA from a more macroscopic and effective angle than ordinary tests, thereby expanding their findings and drawing more specific conclusions.

The epigenetic test uses the customer's saliva as a sample. Scientists and health experts will extract all the biological data needed for health analysis and analyze it at approximately 20 million sites on the DNA. It is estimated that the entire process will take eight weeks to complete. . After the test is completed, the results will be divided into three different aspects: cigarette exposure (smoke exposure), metabolic status (defined as how effectively the body processes important nutrients from human food intake) and the body's biological age. The results will be recorded, not only to provide customers with a summary of epigenetic health indicators, but also as a monitoring tool to observe the biological age and disease risk levels that change over time. Customers can clearly know the health that is most suitable for their DNA structure. select.

Through epigenetic testing, healthcare professionals will obtain more accurate information so that they can provide you with tailor-made medical procedures. Healthcare professionals can more convincingly encourage their clients to seek new and healthier lifestyles because their recommendations are derived from observations at the cellular level to overall body function. The health and wellness goals will be pointed out in more detail based on the actual needs of specific people, rather than relying on the universal health standards established before.​​It can play the best effect for each case.

What can an epigenetic test bring?

According to a study conducted by the National Health Commission (NHS), approximately 133 million people suffer from chronic diseases, accounting for more than 40% of the total population of the United States, and this number is expected to increase to 157 million by 2020. The study pointed out in detail that among the five most expensive health problems, four are classified as chronic diseases, namely cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental disease and lung disease. With the advent of epigenetic testing, people can better understand their own health conditions, so that they can explore various feasible options in the pursuit of the best health care program.

With the rapid progress of global science and technology, the field of health care has also continued to gain positive influences.

The world has experienced many technological breakthroughs, and one of the results is epigenetic testing. It can provide people with information on potential future health problems, thereby cultivating a "health first" way of thinking, and provide better standards for the overall life, and help extend the overall lifespan of human beings. Imagine that if you can use DNA information to prevent deadly diseases, you can save a lot of hospital and drug expenses. This money could be used to buy a new house, find a good school for your children to experience a good education, buy a new car, Even hold a grand wedding.

These scientific advances provide us with opportunities to pursue healthy, longer, and even more economical lives. The best way to deal with these scientific advances is to maximize the benefits they bring.

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