Does your DNA change over time?

Aging is a natural process, in this process will be accompanied by many related health problems, with the passage of time, will DNA also become one of the elements affected in the human body?

What happens to your DNA as you age?

Research shows

Researchers from Iceland and the United States have discovered the truth about DNA changes in aging through a study called "Internal Changes in Individuals in DNA Methylation of Family Clusters over Time". According to this study, our DNA has undergone great changes as we age.

Methylation and aging

The results of the study show that in 10 to 16 years, some people's DNA has changed as much as 20%. However, these changes did not occur in the famous A, T, C, and G of DNA. It appears in DNA methylation. Methylation is a process that occurs by adding methyl (CH3) groups to DNA, which often modifies gene function and affects gene expression. This process is the key to explaining why we suffer more diseases as we age. In the research of Zen Jin and Liu Yun, the results showed that changes in methylation also play an important role in the occurrence and development of many common diseases, and are related to cancer and autoimmune diseases. This also leads to an increased risk of people inheriting these diseases under certain circumstances.

The difference of change

Although studies have confirmed the changes in DNA over time, people must be aware of which specific elements in DNA have changed and the obvious differences between these changes. The original material in our genes, that is, the aforementioned letters-mainly consists of A, G, C, and T, but it doesn't change much over time, and some things happen occasionally. It is worth noting that methylation issues can cause a lot of changes in the DNA of any cell.

Why is it important to know these changes?

DNA is the decisive factor in shaping our human body. This genetic material, DNA, determines our appearance and body functions. If we know how it works, we will be able to know what to focus on in improving health. The changes in our DNA and methylation are related to the development of diseases in the aging stage. This is another important detail studied by experts.

Track your life and health with epigenetics

Another study showed that the environment in which we live is one of the factors that affect DNA changes over time. It also shows that as we age, our DNA methylation patterns will change.

Epigenetics is the study of molecular information that controls how to read our DNA code (gene expression) without changing the basic DNA sequence. Understanding the causes of health changes through genetics enables you to find corresponding treatments and, more importantly, prevent further health decline, especially in aging.

Our Healthspan uses the most advanced epigenetics technology to accurately track your current and future health status and inform you of your aging status. It also uses Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, which tests not only based on biological systems, which makes it the most advanced epigenetic test in the world.

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