NMN 能幫助對抗 COVID-19嗎?

Can NMN Help Fight COVID-19?

As COVID-19 swept the cities with pneumonia-like illness, infecting millions of people worldwide, scientists are on the hunt for a safe and effecti...

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為什麼 NAD+ 會隨著年齡的增長而下降? - VitaCell International Co. Ltd

Why NAD+ Declines With Age?

Human cannot exist without NAD+. This molecule has its hands in many processes necessary for human to live a long and healthy life. Click to learn ...

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NMN 可增強肌肉力量及其活動能力? - VitaCell International Co. Ltd

Can Supplementing NMN enhances muscle function and mobility?

東京大學的研究表示,NMN 可提高 65 歲以上男性的血液 NAD+ 和 NAD+ 代謝物水平,從而改善衰老疾病,包括心血管疾病、神經退化障礙以及因代謝疾病引致肌肉功能降低。此外,攝取 NMN 可顯著提高 65 歲以上的男性的肌肉性能 。因此,長期攝取 NMN 可能是預防與年齡相關的肌肉疾病的...

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