Nitric oxide and healthy aging

When it comes to healthy aging, there are many considerations and care factors. At the same time, scientists continue to study the key elements that help us approach the correct path of healthy aging, and nitric oxide is one of these key elements.

What is nitric oxide?

Nitric oxide is a colorless gas. It is a free radical, with single unpaired electrons in the molecule, and its half-life is extremely short, just a few seconds. In the laboratory, nitric oxide is reduced by nitric acid. Although it is considered an environmental air pollutant, it is an important molecule in the human body!

The role of nitric oxide in the human body

It has been proven that nitric oxide plays an important role in the following systems of the human body:

  • Cardiovascular System
  • nervous system
  • lung
  • Gastrointestinal tract
  • immune system
  • Renal system
  • Skin health

Multiple detailed functions:

  • Relax vascular smooth muscle and lower blood pressure
  • Acts as a neurotransmitter, increasing cerebral blood flow and cerebral oxygenation
  • Dilate the pulmonary blood vessels
  • Regulate muscle relaxation
  • Regulate T cell-mediated immune response
  • Contains antibacterial properties

The importance of nitric oxide for healthy aging

Key elements

Dr. (Nathan Bryan) is a top expert in nutritional science and nitric oxide and a professor at Baylor University School of Medicine in Houston. He wrote in his book "The Functionality of Nitric Oxide Nutrition: Dietary Strategies for the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases" Nitric oxide is the secret of anti-aging. The doctor pointed out: "Nitric oxide is the most important molecule produced by humans. It can control and regulate most cell functions and is considered a "magic effect" of cardiovascular medicine. With age, nitric oxide gradually develops. Production slows down, which is also the cause of chronic diseases. Without a healthy level of nitric oxide (NO), one cannot maintain health and prevent aging."

Important skin anti-aging ingredients

Many doctors and experts suggest that nitric oxide should become an important part of women's anti-aging skin. Dr. (Greg Chernoff), who is also the director of three plastic surgery hospitals, believes, "There is no other skin product on the market today that can provide biologically active nitric oxide gas. Once produced, this gas can immediately enhance the smoothness and luster of the skin. To reduce fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging."

He added that by improving vascularity, the absorption and delivery of all topical products can be improved. Nitric oxide significantly improved the signs of skin aging. Most testers had significant improvements within 30 days after the study, such as reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement of overall skin tone and texture, reduction of age spots and skin blemishes.

How do you maintain a healthy supply of nitric oxide in your body?
Generally speaking, humans produce nitric oxide through the following three processes. The first is nitric oxide synthase (NOS), which comes from L-Arginie in amino acids; the second is from inorganic nitrates in vegetables, fruits, grains and cured meats; the third is from The skin can produce nitric oxide in a way that does not rely on enzymes.

However, we also need to maximize healthy choices. To cope with the inevitable aging, here are some suggestions to help you maintain adequate nitric oxide production:

  1. Eat more vegetables with high nitrate content (celery, lettuce, spinach, beetroot, etc.)
  2. Use antioxidants and nitric oxide-enhancing supplements (our [NMN CELL REVIVAL] contains RedNite® ingredients, which can help increase nitric oxide.)
  3. Exercise regularly to maintain healthy blood flow and naturally increase the ability to produce nitric oxide.

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