Want to solve hair loss, nails and skin troubles? Which nutrient is the best way to save?

Biotin, also known as biotin or vitamin B7, has a significant effect on the health of nails, hair and skin. As for the help for hair and beard growth, it varies from person to person. It can be found in natural foods and can also be absorbed through nutritional health products. Among the foods, beef liver has a higher biotin content, followed by eggs and salmon (cooked). Plants such as sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes and nuts contain high biotin content.

Who is more likely to lack biotin?

Vegetarians, long-term alcoholics, pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding are more prone to low biotin levels.

Even if people who have been drinking for a long time have enough biotin in their diet, alcohol can inhibit the body's absorption of biotin. Therefore, long-term alcoholics will be more prone to lack.

Even if pregnant women and breastfeeding women take enough biotin, there will still be a problem of insufficient biotin.

Due to the high content of biotin in meat, vegetarians are more likely to lack biotin than the average person.

In addition to people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, and alcoholics, people who need kidney dialysis and people who have inherited biotin deficiency also need to take additional biotin supplements to maintain sufficient biotin in the body.

Signs of lack of biotin

Signs of a lack of biotin will slowly appear under normal circumstances. There may be signs of hair loss, body hair loss, brittle nails, and skin rashes. The edges of the body openings (such as the mouth, corners of the eyes, and genitals) may have rashes and conjunctivitis, and the uric acid content may become abnormal. In severe cases, it may cause seizures or skin infections. The nervous system may cause hallucinations, lethargy and depression. If it is a baby who lacks biotin, it may cause developmental delay. Adults may have uneven facial fat distribution.

The effect of excessive biotin on the body

Although it has not been found that excessive biotin has a negative impact on the human body. However, too much biotin can affect the blood test results for certain diseases during the physical examination. If you need a blood test, it is best to stop taking biotin supplements for a period of time or consult a doctor for advice before the blood test.

Dietary advice

For pregnant women and breastfeeding women, you can eat more well-boiled eggs and well-cooked salmon. These foods are not only rich in biotin, but the protein in them can also meet the needs of pregnant women and fetuses, which has a positive impact on their health.

For long-term alcoholics, well-cooked beef liver is a good source of biotin, and its content even exceeds that of eggs and salmon.

As for vegetarians, they can eat more foods such as sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, nuts, spinach and broccoli to get enough biotin.

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