The correct way to take care of the elderly and communicate with them under the social distancing policy

Staying away from society has become one of the basic rules to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Although it does help keep us away from the pandemic, it may also feel like a lonely experience, especially for the elderly. We should make sure Keep in touch with them and take good care of them, because they are one of the most vulnerable groups of COVID-19, here are some Tips to get you started!

Communicate through technology

In this extraordinary period, the virtual experience ability of technology is the most useful. Communication undoubtedly solves the shortcomings of isolation. Spend time to share meaningful or relaxing stories, play virtual games, or just get to know each other for a day. You can choose multiple Platforms (Facebook, Skype, FaceTime, etc.), depending on the needs of the disabled, through audio or video calls, keeping in touch will make their lives more exciting and help them maintain a positive mood.

Help them maintain mental health

Forgetfulness and lack of energy are things that most people usually encounter as they get older. By reminding them of the small things they should do to prevent the epidemic, it helps them a lot, such as washing hands from time to time, eating healthy food, exercising more, Get a good night's sleep, etc. Let them have a comfortable feeling at home and keep it clean, and don’t avoid the morning sun or the cool breeze at night, join them in their favorite activities, such as reading, drinking tea or having meaningful conversations.

Help deliver the essentials

Especially in such difficult times, it is more important for the elders than anyone else that people who are younger and stronger than them will take care of their daily necessities. Do you go to the store to buy the items you need? Don’t forget to consider the needs of the elderly and deliver the necessities to their homes by the way. Food supplies, medicines and immune system health products (such as [NAD REVIVAL]) are some of the most important necessities. To avoid health risks, they should not be exhausted.

Show that you are willing to help anytime

Sometimes, even if the elderly really need help, they will hesitate. Ask them what you can do to help them and let them know that you are willing to help with anything, even if it is small, such as filling a glass of water or helping them bring bathroom necessities. This will make them feel that they are not alone and can enjoy a good time even in difficult situations.

For all of us, facing the epidemic is definitely not an easy one. As the epidemic spreads rapidly, it is more important to remain optimistic and help each other. Take care of the elderly and take care of yourself. be careful!

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