What is the difference between vegetarian capsules and animal capsules? Why is it so touted in the health care industry?

The role of capsules

Both medicines and health products have the opportunity to use capsules. Although it is called a capsule, it does not contain any plastic or petroleum by-products, so it is absolutely safe for normal use.

Compared with the medicine in the capsule, no one may pay attention to the capsule itself, but in fact, the capsule has its own unique function: the size of the capsule can ensure that the amount of medicine is consistent, and it can also ensure that the medicine is released after reaching the stomach; the capsule is in the stomach When it dissolves slowly, the rate of drug release can also be controlled.

In addition to the capsules partially decomposed by the stomach, some capsules can take the medicine to the small intestine or large intestine before being decomposed, so that the medicine can reach the destination smoothly before releasing the medicine effect.

Capsules are also divided into schools?

In terms of ingredients, capsules are mainly divided into plant capsules (vegetarian capsules) and animal capsules. Some plant capsules are made from algae, while others are made of fiber extracted from plants.

The main ingredient of animal capsules is gelatin. The main source is animal skin, joint tissue or bones.

Nowadays, most of the capsules are animal capsules because they are cheaper. Plant capsules are more common in health care products, because health care products focus more on overall quality, and medicines focus more on efficacy. Medicines are inherently more expensive, and it is not surprising that using animal capsules reduces the cost a little bit.
Basically, if there is no indication, animal capsules are generally used. However, in recent years, scientists have made new breakthroughs in plant capsules, which may reduce the cost of plant capsules in the near future.

Animal and plant capsule comparison

The shelf life of plant capsules is generally longer than that of animal capsules, especially in humid environments, plant capsules are not prone to aging or deterioration. The fiber in the plant capsule is not easily penetrated by water, but the protein in the animal capsule is more likely to have a chemical interaction with water.

For health products that need to be stored for a long time, plant capsules are a better choice.

Since animal capsules contain more protein, and plant capsules are mainly fiber, in addition to water, animal capsules are also more likely to react with other substances. Therefore, plant capsules are better in terms of stability. In addition, vegetable capsules are easier to dissolve and excrete from the body than animal capsules.


Some people will open the capsule and take it directly because the capsule is too big. However, doing so often does more harm than good. Because the function of the capsule is to ensure that the medicine can reach the stomach smoothly before gradually releasing the medicine effect, in addition to allowing the stomach to slowly absorb the medicine, it can also prevent the medicine from being released too much at one time and hurting the stomach.

Some people choose to swallow the capsules with hot water, but this will make the capsules melt and stick to the throat or esophagus. Therefore, cold water or room temperature water should be used when swallowing capsules.

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