Hong Kong is a busy city, many workers rely on energy drink to enhance working performance or keep themselves awake, but what is the secret of energy? Any side-effect? Safe for long term use? If it is unhealthy, is there anything able to replace?

    Ingredients and how does it work

    To answer the questions above, we need to know the ingredients first.

    Sugar: It is the “fuel” of our brain, if there is large amount of sugar rush into our body and send it to the brain through blood stream, the brain will be very excited, so most of the brain function will be enhance.

    Caffeine: The way of caffeine keeps us awake is different. We need to understand the mechanism of sleep first. From awake to tired, our brain constantly releasing a chemical named adenosine. When adenosine combine with the receptor in the brain, and accumulate to certain amount it causes us feel sleepy. The reason of caffeine is able to keep us awake is the chemical structure of caffeine and adenosine are similar, both of them are able to combine with the receptor. When caffeine combines with the receptor, it does not make us sleep, after that no adenosine is able to combine with the same receptor to release the signal of sleep.

    Therefore, when the Caffeine take away the sleepiness and raise the heartbeat to pump large amount of sugar to the brain, it is very effective to cause the brain excited again.

    Side effect of long-term use

    When there is more sugar than we need in the body, it turns into fat as energy storage. If there is too much fat in our body, it increases the risk of many chronic disease, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.

    Caffeine is an addictive chemical. If you get addicted and do not absorb enough Caffeine regularly, it causes headache and become emotional.

    There are others chemicals in energy drink, it may cause damage to the liver if long term absorbs.

    Although energy drink can keep us awake, it just like credit card, “Cash advance” our brain, it takes us sleep to “Make payments”, and take health as “Interests”. When we get old, we may regret to become “Bankrupt” in our health.

    How to keep awake in a healthy way?

    Have you ever thought about to “Invest” in health? Earn awaken time as “reward” instead of take the “Cost” of health to “Cash advance” awaken time?

    A good lifestyle and sleep just like “Work”, it’s the best way to “Break even”. It may be too hard for busy people who work in Hong Kong. However, if you have a healthy brain, its extent your high attention time. Therefore, feed your brain with right nutrient. “Invest” in health, so you can enhance your brain function without energy drink and prevent brain diseases.

    You can absorb the nutrients from healthy food and supplement. Especially the food that are scientific proved. Such as Panax Ginseng, Choline, fish oil, Ginkgo Biloba, Lion’s mane mushroom, etc.

    All these ingredients all good for brain, able to enhance concentration, prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, cardiovascular disease and improve circulation. They also content anti-oxidant for anti-aging. So, It is better to go for a natural and healthy way to “Invest” in health, rather than consume energy drink to “Cash advance”, then you are more likely to have a healthy old age.

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