Key points of mental health management during the COVID-19 epidemic

We are going through difficult times.

The latest news about the COVID-19 epidemic continues to emerge. This has become a topic for every online and offline platform in the world. This crisis not only affects the entire world, but also affects each of us, and even those who can live safely and up to now. No one has been infected yet. Stress and anxiety are the most common mental health challenges that individuals and communities encounter in this situation.

The mental health effects of COVID-19 are as important as physical health effects, and are also interrelated to some extent. This includes various aspects-some people already have mental health problems, and some people have developed psychological problems during this difficult time. Risk, which proves the urgent need to take measures and solve these problems as much as possible.

As mentioned by experts, here are some suggested ways to help you reduce stress and take care of your "spiritual kingdom".

What happens after losing thought control?

During the epidemic, letting stress and anxiety cover your thoughts can have an impact in many ways. According to the statistics of the CDC, these include:

  • Fear and worry about your own health and the health of your loved ones
  • Changes in sleep or eating habits
  • Difficulty falling asleep or paying attention
  • Worsening chronic health problems
  • Worsening mental health
  • Increase use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs

Take care of your body

Although the main problem here is the psychological aspect, the psychology is also related to your physical condition, so the body should not be neglected. Specifically, a lot of physical care is needed during the epidemic.


Don’t forget to do some simple exercises that you can do at home, such as some simple stretching exercises to keep your body active. The idea is to maintain a regular exercise program.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Healthy eating has always been indispensable in our lives. This is especially important when we must ensure our body is healthy to fight disease. Choose a healthy diet plan and ensure that we get the right nutrients to strengthen our immune system.

Take appropriate health care products. 

In order to improve the standard of healthy living as much as possible, it is recommended to take absorption supplements to achieve your health goals. Our health shop contains a variety of anti-aging supplements to meet the health needs of various parts of the human body, such as brain health, vision improvement, skin care, weight management, cell health and immune system enhancement. And avoid smoking or drinking habits.

Short break

We know that it is necessary for you to update the situation and information about the epidemic in a timely manner, but you also need to be modest, so as not to be overwhelmed by too much information. Give yourself some time to turn off these devices so that you can relax.

Know that information flooding can also increase your anxiety. Make sure that you only pay attention to the news at certain times of the day to manage and avoid making the situation worse. The Mental Health Association recommends that you only watch the news once or twice a day. Misinformation can also increase your stress, so avoid fake news and make sure you only get information from trusted sources (such as WHO and local health authorities).

It’s also a good idea to relax and focus on the activities you can enjoy at home, including many, such as this list of 100 things to do in isolation. You don't have to think about COVID-19 all the time, and let it control your thoughts at all times of the day, because it will aggravate your anxiety.

Keep in touch

It is important to keep in touch, especially when you are in self-isolation or social distancing, and greet your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors over the phone or social media. Exchange doubts and your current feelings. Staying in touch will not only give you plenty of time to be with the people you care about, but it will also help them relieve their pressure.

Breathe, breathe, breathe!

Keeping calm is the ultimate weapon. It is normal for us to fear and worry about this situation, but be aware that this may lead to more serious situations, such as mental health problems, which exacerbate the problems we are already facing. Don't forget to regain your breathing and keep calm. Scientists, governments, countries and all walks of life are working together to find solutions as much as possible. The epidemic has made us feel helpless, but if we focus on what we can control by taking care of our body, mind, and family, we can tide over the difficulties together. be careful!

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