Improve NAD+ level, strengthen immune system, and resist COVID-19

Scientists say that having a strong and young immune system will keep you away from the possibility of contracting the new coronavirus.

Why is the main target of COVID-19 attacks on the elderly population?

Harvard University (Amber Mueller), Maeve McNamara (Maeve McNamara) and David Sinclair (David Sinclair) mentioned in a paper recently published at Harvard University that it is said that more than 80% of COVID-19 hospitalizations are reported Patients come from people over 65 years old, and their increased risk of death is much higher than 23 times that of the average person. Patients in this age group usually develop fever, cough, and dyspnea. These diseases may develop into pneumonia, lung consolidation, cytokine release syndrome, endotheliitis, coagulopathy, multiple organ failure, and death.

This is because the immune system weakens and is suppressed with age. When the immune system ages, two things happen, and they become the main driving force of high mortality: the first is immune aging, which hinders pathogen identification, early warning, and elimination.

The other is called inflammation, which leads to an increase in chronic systemic inflammation. Due to the gradual decline in immune function, the virus has found more opportunities to replicate and cause various serious diseases, making existing health conditions worse and worse.

Harvard scientists discovered how to increase NAD+ levels and fight the virus COVID-19

Experts recommend the use of "anti-aging drugs to restore the young immune system" to address this widespread global concern, especially to help the elderly fight the coronavirus. Specifically, one of the authors of this article mentioned a key compound called NAD+. Dr. David Sinclair, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, is known for promoting NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide). He said that when taken in supplement form, the body directly converts NMN into NAD +. It is a form of vitamin B3, and when it is converted, it becomes a key coenzyme in the body.

However, the inevitable fact is that with age, NAD + will decrease, which will lead to a decrease in the content of other important proteins and enzymes. The protein NLPR3 that activates the inflammatory response becomes highly activated when the NAD+ level drops, which also leads to an increased risk of infection with the virus COVID-19. Therefore, studies have shown that maintaining NAD + levels can alleviate the symptoms of the virus COVID-19 and reduce the risk of infection.

David Sinclair (DAVID SINCLAIR): "NAD + is the biggest gospel we bring to young people"

In 2017, a study on increasing the NAD+ level of old mice found that the signs of aging in the tissues and muscles of these old mice were drastically reversed, which also indicated that increasing the level of NAD+ may be beneficial to humans. In order for the immune system to effectively fight SARS-CoV-2, it must be able to function with four important mechanisms: recognition, vigilance, destruction and elimination. The functions of these mechanisms are becoming weaker and weaker in the elderly, which is why we need an active and young immune system, and NAD+ is an important factor in achieving this goal. S-CELL's Noga Factor NAD Revival is an excellent anti-aging formula combined with excellent anti-aging ingredients (such as nucleotides, Panmol NADH, astaxanthin, etc.). It not only helps the cell energy to restore youth, but also improves the health problems of the brain, heart, skin and muscles during the aging stage.

Measure the level of immunity and the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus

According to the report, it has been shown that a variety of biological clocks can predict human health and lifespan more accurately than actual age. Compared with the actual age, whether the risk of death from COVID-19 is high or low for those who are older or younger biologically can explain many questions. People with comorbidities (diabetes, obesity, etc.) are at higher risk, while those who choose to live a healthy way (including those who consume NAD supplements) have a reduced risk of death. This suggests that the biological age may explain the increased diversity of the COVID-19 virus. S-CELL Health provides Chronomics' Healthspan (the most advanced epigenetic test) and GlycanAge test, which is an effective blood marker for biological age and chronic low-grade systemic inflammation. To learn more, please visit our online store now.