What is joint degeneration? How can we prevent joint degeneration?

As we age, human joints will gradually age, and cartilage will be lost due to long-term activities. These are the main factors for joint degeneration. At the same time, the reduction of synovial fluid in the joint cavity will increase the damage to the joint. In addition, if you move in an incorrect posture, the joints will be worn out and the degeneration of the joints will worsen.

Generally speaking, people tend to notice joint degeneration when they feel joint pain. When joint pain occurs and there is redness, swelling and fever during the period, the patient may subconsciously reduce the movement of the joint. However, long periods of "inactivity" may cause muscle atrophy and weakness. In long-term patients, the joints may become stiff, resulting in joint deformation.

Therefore, when you notice joint pain, be careful that it is a sign of joint degeneration, and you must seek the advice and treatment of a professional doctor as soon as possible. The common treatments for joint degeneration are roughly as follows:

  1. Massage and tuina can relax the soft tissues around the joints that are tight and contracted;
  2. The heat therapy methods that can be performed at home, such as hot compresses, electric blankets, hot baths, hot springs, and household infrared lamps, are also intended to relax and soothe joints;
  3. The deep hyperthermia performed by the physiotherapy department, such as shortwave, ultrasonic, etc., can have a deeper effect;
  4. Electrical stimulation therapy has a good effect on relieving pain and inflammation, improving blood circulation, and relaxing tense muscles.

In addition, as the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure." As long as you pay more attention in daily life, you can also prevent joint degeneration:

  1. Obese people need to lose weight and reduce the burden on joints;
  2. Wear knee pads-if the joints are acutely inflamed, ordinary knee pads can be used; if the joints are chronically inflamed, soft infrared knee pads can be used;
  3. Do appropriate stretching exercises to relax muscles and fascia;
  4. Avoid high-strength exercises to reduce the risk of secondary injury to the joints;
  5. Avoid wearing high heels for a long time.

Taking in nutrients that protect joints can prevent joint degeneration

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