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Product Mission

S-CELL is the first company to introduce Noga factor (NAD+) health products to the Asian market. We believe that anti-aging biotechnology in the 21st century will not only extend human life span, but also extend healthy life span.

However, does life extension mean that life must be abundant and wonderful? Studies have shown that urban people's unhealthy living habits lead to signs of rejuvenation of brain degeneration, which is not a "patent" of older people. We uphold the philosophy: regardless of age, gender or nationality, everyone deserves the best health and vitality. S-CELL's anti-aging products give us a healthy and energetic body. What else do we need? The answer is: a brain that can support us to explore and discover a rich life.

Why is brain health so important?
Imagine if you have a very healthy body, but you often forget the content of the conversation that has just happened, confuse what happened in the past and the present, lose basic judgment and mathematical calculation ability, memory is severely degraded, and even worse, you can’t take care of it. Daily life. If there is a long life without a healthy brain, it is really difficult to achieve a "healthy and wonderful life."

In view of this, S-CELL takes the lead and uses top consultants and organizations to develop new brain-reinforcing nutritional supplements, so as to make S-CELL products more comprehensive to cater to your various needs. What is so special about this brain supplement product? What is the principle? The following will reveal the mystery of this product for you.

Meticulous from raw materials to packaging
This new brain supplement product uses a variety of natural plant extracts, including Ginkgo biloba, Hericium erinaceus, Ashwagandha and Ginseng. It is also the first in Asia to contain the patented ingredients Cognizin® Citicoline and VitaCholine®. Regular dietary supplements. The factory is located in the UK to ensure that the production process meets strict standards, so that you can take it with peace of mind.

From a full range of products to a full range of brains
The new product is made of high-quality materials, and each ingredient has been carefully blended to help you improve your brain functions, including memory, concentration, concentration, and thinking speed. The multiple benefits provided by the new product to the brain help you perform daily tasks more easily and solve problems quickly. Compared with products that only contain one or two key ingredients (such as fish oil), the new product is made of more than 8 main ingredients, and the ingredients cooperate with each other to produce a synergistic effect, so that each ingredient can give full play to its effects. In addition, fish oil and similar products have certain side effects, such as high blood sugar, diarrhea, and low blood pressure.

Take care of different ages and meet different needs
The new product contains a variety of benefits to meet the different needs of people of different ages (over 18 years of age). The new product can improve the memory and concentration of college students, and concentrate in the complicated experiments and examinations. Busy professionals can also use it to improve brain functions and easily handle large amounts of work. At the same time, the elderly can use it to improve memory, delay aging and slow down mental decline.

First in Asia Contains 2 patented ingredients at the same time
The new product is the first conventional dietary supplement in Asia that contains both the patented ingredients Cognizin® Citicoline and VitaCholine®. Cognizin® Citicoline makes cell membranes proliferate by 26% and increases brain energy utilization rate by 13.6% to improve brain activity. VitaCholine® can enhance the performance of language memory and visual memory at the same time. When combined with Ginkgo extract, it can further enhance the overall performance, allowing you to perform extraordinary in busy days.

Pure natural plant extracts
Each capsule of the new product contains a variety of natural plant extracts, such as Hericium erinaceus, Ginkgo biloba, Ginseng and Ashwagandha. Two of the key ingredients, iodine and vitamin B12, are also natural sources. Iodine comes from kelp, while vitamin B12 comes from methylcobalamin.

Coming soon! Pay close attention! Members have even more mysterious discounts!

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