Is your whitening method correct?

There is a saying: "One white covers three ugliness." Many people spend a lot of money to buy whitening products in order to keep their skin white and beautiful. Therefore, there are so many whitening masks, whitening essences, and even medical whitening treatments on the market that it is dazzling; however, in fact, the skin is white and Not for nothing, it is actually determined by genes.

The genetic constitution left to us by our parents is the main factor in determining skin color. The melanin in our body is determined in the genetic code, and the amount of these melanin determines whether we look white or dark in appearance. Indeed, using products that whiten the skin (such as whitening masks, whitening essences, whitening creams, etc.) will make the skin "temporarily" look white, but if you do not use whitening products for a long time, or use whitening products intermittently If so, the skin will slowly return to its genetically determined appearance.

On the contrary, we can change the concept of whitening from "what makes the skin white" to "what makes the skin dark"! If we can avoid the factors that make the skin dark, it is possible for talents to move in the white direction beyond the path of maintaining the original genes! From a medical point of view, the most important factor that darkens the skin is the stimulation of ultraviolet rays!

There are three types of ultraviolet rays: A long wave, B medium wave, and C short wave. The skin is sunburned because of ultraviolet B; and ultraviolet A is the main factor that makes our skin aging and darkening. It stimulates the melanocytes under our skin to produce more melanin to fight against the damage caused by ultraviolet rays; if the skin is not metabolized Good, these melanin will be deposited under the stratum corneum of the skin, making the skin look darker. Moreover, even if you do not go out to bask in the sun, you will be exposed to ultraviolet A when you stay at home as long as the sun shines in. Therefore, "sun protection" is the most important way to maintain beautiful and youthful skin!

At the same time, vitamin C can also inhibit melanin. In the process of melanin formation, vitamin C helps the skin inhibit melanin mainly by reducing the activity of tyrosinase. At the same time, it has a good antioxidant effect, helps cells prolong their lifespan, and achieves the purpose of whitening. The "whitening needle" often used by female celebrities contains high units of vitamin C, which can inhibit the formation of subcutaneous melanin and promote the synthesis of collagen. In this way, the skin becomes moisturizing and bright with thickness, plus the reduction of melanin, so that it can look matte and bright from the appearance.

In addition to the above two, S-CELL's product [SKIN REVIVAL] can also inhibit the formation of melanin. SKIN REVIVAL promotes the combination of type I and type II collagen and hyaluronic acid. It also inhibits the production of melanin and promotes skin microcirculation.

The clinical studies are as follows:

ACTIV'INSIDE: Within 8 weeks, redness decreased by 35%, skin elasticity increased by 8.5%, and light intensity increased by 26%. (1)

NuLivScience: Within 4 weeks, wrinkles and dark spots were reduced by 19% and 17%, and skin moisture content increased by 20%. (2)

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