How to Take Care of Your Skin in the Summer Season

Summer is a good season to enjoy some fun and physical outdoor activities. However, do you ever think about what damages to the skin caused by sunlight when there is too much exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays?

Ah la la la, summer rain is pouring down again, and it's getting wetter. As a matter of fact the skin couldn't be better. In the scorching summer, the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays and dry air in the room cause the threat of suntan and dry skin caused by insufficient moisture. Also, the skin will be harmed further when we keep wearing masks for a long time. Therefore, the health of the facial skin should not be ignored. The following are the precautions for "Summer Skin Beauty Campaign".

1. Transepidermal water loss

Due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, we often travel in and out of air-conditioned places. It easily causes the skin’s transepidermal water loss and oily skin. Therefore, retaining sufficient skin’s moisture is the key to summer beauty. Ceramosides™ contains the important ingredient Ceramide, which is an important material to rebuild the skin's water-locking barrier and help skin retain moisture. Ceramide makes up over 50% of skin’s composition, so it’s no surprise they play a vital role in determining how your skin looks. When the skin lacks ceramides, the barrier becomes compromised, resulting in dryness and irritation. Also, Ceramosides™ can repair skin damage, dryness, and allergic reactions. Skin hydration and moisture retention are also improved to prevent your skin from dryness. On the other hand, Supplementing with Fish Collagen Peptides is also vital to help skin retain moisture. Fish Collagen Peptides is a natural health product extracted from deep-sea fish and scientifically proportioned. Its main ingredient is collagen. Supplementing with Fish Collagen Peptides is good for the skin. It helps skin retain moisture, reduce the Transepidermal water loss and increase skin elasticity. In addition, Fish Collagen Peptides can stimulate the skin cells and help delay the effects of aging to the skin, prevent the formation of wrinkles and improve regeneration and new tissue formation for enhanced wound healing.

2. The threat of UV from outdoor

Outdoor activities are almost unavoidable in summer. Therefore, the skin will be exposed easily under the sun. And the UV in the sun can easily cause free radicals on the skin. Free radicals are like robbers, robbing other atoms or molecules everywhere, turning themselves into stable substances. In the process of snatching electrons, more substances become unstable as their electrons have been snatched. And then a new "free radical" is created. This chain of chemical reactions will keep forming. It is called "oxidation" which causes damage to healthy cells. Free radicals can kill healthy cells, reduce skin quality, and finally cause skin aging. In addition, free radicals can also destroy the collagen structure of the dermis, and cause wrinkles due to the loss of elasticity of the skin. Free radicals are also an important factor for the formation of stains. They will destroy the function of melanin, and finally will form pigment spots due to the accumulation of pigment. Also, free radicals will destroy the skin's water-retaining function. They cause the skin to dry easily. Moreover, they also destroy the secretion and excretion function, and the skin will form acne due to excessive accumulated metabolism. Therefore, we must provide protection and anti-oxidation for our skin. To avoid skin damage caused by the sun, we must strengthen the skin's ability to fight free radicals. Then the problems of sagging, stains, dryness, etc. will go away. If you want to protect skin cells, you must deal with the problem of free radicals and make a good "anti-free radical" plan to reduce oxidation. And healthy skin can be built. AstaReal Astaxanthin improves your skin’s moisture, smoothness, and elasticity and has an impressive UV-blocking property to protect your skin from damages and discoloration due to sun exposure. TWINTIGER™ L-GLUTATHIONE consists of three amino acids: glutamate, cysteine, and glycine and have been clinically proven to improve skin brightness and to reduce fine lines and wrinkle formation in the skin. L-GLUTATHIONE can also improve cognitive functions, muscle and vascular health, bone density, and push back aging health issues by enhancing overall immune system. It also supports healthy liver function and gastrointestinal health making it worthy to be called as “Master Antioxidant”.

3. Loss of collagen

Why do we need to supplement collagen? Collagen occupies 70% of the epithelial tissue. And it is an important network between cells to dominate skin health. Starting from the age of 20, collagen will be lost every day, so it is vital to supplement collagen. In the hot summer, collagen will lose easily. Thus, it causes saggy skin and increases accumulation of pigment. Furthermore, it also causes wrinkles and accumulation of saccharide. It also is the peak season when elastic fibers are most easily deformed and broken. Therefore, in order to maintain elastic and anti-wrinkle skin, it is very important to supplement collagen. Fish collagen peptides are collagen extracted from fish scales and skins. The process is relatively complicated, and the raw materials, especially the pollution-free deep-sea fish, are relatively scarce. Because there are no additives, fish collagen peptides are safe and pollution-free. In addition, building skin's water-locking barrier can also prevent the loss of collagen. If the skin's barrier is loose and unable to lock the moisture, the moisture will evaporate continuously. When there is dehydration repeatedly, it will affect the deformation and shrinkage of collagen. Finally, fine lines and wrinkles will be formed. If the skin's barrier is weak and not strong enough, the ability to resist ultraviolet rays will become poor. Free radicals and ultraviolet rays will further damage collagen. And it will cause saggy skin. Ceramide, which is the important ingredient of Ceramosides™, can rebuild the skin's water-locking barrier and help skin retain moisture.

4. Dull skin and dark spots

There are melanocytes under the epidermis of human skin, which can help the skin to resist UV and prevent skin cells from being damaged. When UV is irradiated to the skin, it will stimulate the skin to produce a large number of oxidative free radicals and activate melanocytes to produce melanin, which prevents UV from entering into the deep layers of the skin. At this time, the skin will darken and become dull. If the metabolic rate is low, or excessive exposure to UV, which leads to excessive secretion of melanin, causing the skin to fail to metabolize melanin, melanin will precipitate and then dark spots will be formed. However, supplementing the required nutrients can prevent formation of dark spots on skin. Vitamin E is a kind of fat-soluble antioxidant, which can inhibit the oxidation reaction of subcutaneous fat tissue, maintain skin elasticity, and delay aging; vitamin C is a kind of water-soluble antioxidant, it also has antioxidant effect, which can inhibit melanin production, thereby preventing the formation of dark spots. In addition, it can also repair skin which damaged by UV by promoting the production of collagen, hence prevent skin aging; Astragalus and Centella asiatica in Astrion™ can promote the synthesis of dermal and epidermal skin cells to produce more collagen protein and hyaluronic acid, thereby reducing wrinkles and skin discoloration, diminishing dark spots, firming and moisturizing of the skin, and reducing UV damage.

S-CELL’s 【Skin Revival】has all the above nutrients and supplements to prevent all the above skin problems caused by summer in one go. There are 6 powerful patented ingredients, plus 7 auxiliary vitamins and minerals, making it the highest quality skin and health care product. Helping you to repair your skin by whitening, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, firming and maintaining elasticity for your skin, adding a sense of calmness and elegance to your life. By taking【Skin Revival】, you will be having “young skin” again, and maintain its best condition anytime, anywhere.

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