You can see blue light everywhere in Hong Kong. Small like a smart phone that everyone is holding, large like the LED advertisement of a whole building.

Compare to natural light, blue light from the screen is more harmful to the retina in our eye.

This is because this kind of blue light content higher energy than natural light, so it is able to cause more damage.

Although the blue light from the LED advertisement of the wall of a building content higher energy, we don’t usually stare at it for long time and we look at it from a far distant. Even we have a gaze, its not going to cause much damage. However, although the blue light from smart phone has less energy, it’s easy to cause more damage to our eyes because of the time we look at it are longer and the distant is closer. Especially for people who work with computer screen, university students and college students, even they don’t use their phone all the time, they have to look at the screen to work or study.

Although blue light is almost unavoidable in Hong Kong, it is possible to reduce the damage from blue light to our eyes through nutrient, filter lens and change our living habits.

In terms of nutrition, scientists discover there are many nutrients are good for the health of retina. Vitamin A is a popular nutrient that is good for eye. Anthocyanin and Lutein are getting popular recently also.

Many plants contain many different kinds of anti-oxidant, it has the function of anti-aging to different part of our body, and Anthocyanin is significant for the health of eye.

Bilberry has large amount of Anthocyanin; many people mix bilberry up with blueberry, they are different. Bilberry helps to recover the retina and improve night vision. Other study also proves that, bilberry extract can inhibit the chemical reaction when the blue light hit the retina. It just like the sunscreen for the retina.

Scientists discovered Taurine is able to maintain the health of eye, it also stabilizes and prevent disease from heart, white blood cell and nerve system.

It is common to get filter lens in an optical store, which is able to reduce blue light to get into our eyes. Even you are short sighted, long sighted or presbyopia, almost everyone is able to use filter lens to reduce the damage from blue light.

About living habits, your quality of sleep is important to every organ to recover. If we using our phone before we sleep, the light from the phone is likely to keep our brain active and not easy to fall asleep. Especially for short sighted people, if they take their eye glasses off and look at the screen in a shorter distant, it causes more damage to the eyes.

Therefore, stop using mobile phone 30 minutes before you sleep can reduce the damage to the eye, it also improves the quality of sleep, let your eyes have a better recovery.

Although the methods above give your eyes better protection, absorb the right nutrients is the most direct way to do, it also prevents the disease cause by aging. Filter and avoid to use phone before sleep is good, but healthy is more important than these.

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