How to solve eye discomfort caused by wearing contact lenses?

Some people wear contact lenses because they are safer or more convenient during exercise, and some people wear them because of their appearance. Regardless of the reason, contact lenses have become increasingly safe due to advanced technology. However, to the eyeballs, contact lenses are always foreign objects. Even if they are worn correctly and kept clean, they will still cause a certain degree of burden on the eyes.

The effects of different contact lenses on the eyes

Contact lenses are divided into hard lenses and soft lenses. The advantage of a hard lens is that the lens has a more precise power and is more durable than a soft lens. When wearing hard glasses, the eyes need a longer time to adjust. If the eyes are prone to inflammation or the secretion of tears is too little, it is not suitable to wear hard glasses. Due to low air permeability, prolonged wearing will cause blood vessels to proliferate, which in turn will cause other problems. Therefore, some hard lenses currently have many small holes in the lens to improve air permeability.

The air permeability of colored contact lenses will be lower, because there is a layer of colored layer in the middle, which is relatively thicker than ordinary contact lenses, which has a greater chance of causing blood vessel proliferation.

As for the soft lens, there are two types: disposable and long-wear. Since the soft lens itself has more moisture, it will be softer. The soft lens is also more breathable than the hard lens, and it is more comfortable to wear than the hard lens, and the wearing time can be longer. However, soft lenses are more likely to contain bacteria, turn yellow and are prone to wear, so it is safer to choose disposable contact lenses. However, there are still people who wear them for a long time and the cornea is hypoxic, leading to blood vessel proliferation, and finally affecting vision. Even blind.

Therefore, when everyone wears contact lenses, if there is tingling or photophobia, which proves that the eye or cornea has been injured, the contact lenses should be taken off immediately. If there is redness or pain, seek medical advice immediately.

How to relieve the discomfort of wearing contact lenses? Treat the symptoms and cure the root causes?

Although you may experience dry or tired eyes when wearing contact lenses, these conditions can be relieved. The following will introduce several methods for everyone:

Use eye drops

Be careful when choosing eye drops, do not use eye drops containing preservatives, so as not to cause unnecessary irritation to the eyes. The use of eye drops can indeed replenish the moisture of the eyes a little, but it is only an auxiliary property. Even if there are eye drops, you should not use contact lenses for more than 8 hours. Therefore, eye drops can be regarded as a "temporary cure" method.

Take off the contact lens occasionally

If you need to wear it for 8 hours or more, you can take off the contact lens for 10 to 15 minutes after wearing it for a few hours, let your eyes rest, and clean the contact lens with a lotion before putting it on again. Although this method is not very convenient, a small inconvenience can bring a little more health to the eyes, which is definitely worth it. If your contact lenses are disposable, please replace them with new ones and do not reuse them.

Take in nutrients that are good for the eyes from nutraceuticals or foods

Antioxidants: are beneficial to the health of the entire human body. Because antioxidants can combine with free radicals that cause harm to the human body, so as to prevent damage to blood vessels and organs. Therefore, enough antioxidants can protect the blood vessels of the eyes and reduce the effects of free radicals on the eyes. In addition, different antioxidants have different effects on the body. Among them, the benefits of anthocyanins to the eyes are particularly obvious. Anthocyanins can relieve eye fatigue and relieve dry eyes. It also helps to improve night blindness and prevent eye problems such as glaucoma.

Nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties are also good for the eyes, such as Omega 3 and Xiaomigrass. It is helpful to relieve red and swollen eyes, relieve irritation, itching and dry eyes.

Grape seed extract can improve the microfilament vascular circulation in the eye. If the microfilament vascular circulation is good, it can provide more oxygen to the part covered by the contact lens. If the oxygen is sufficient, it can reduce the chance of vascular proliferation.

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