Is Vitamin A alone enough to protect your eyes? You still lack these nutrients!

Different part of the eye needs different nutrient

Most people believe that vitamin A can keep their eyes healthy, but sometimes it doesn’t work. This is because the structure of our eyes is very complicated. Different part of the eye needs different nutrient to keep it healthy. And now, here is some suggestion to find the right nutrient for your eyes.

About retina

Retina is the light and color sensitive layer that lining at the back and inside of the eye. If you have weak night vision or you have to read on the screen for long time, (such as computer monitor and mobile phone) you may need more nutrient for your retina.

Bilberry, Lutein, Zeaxanthin and anthocyanin (found in grape seed extract) are the effective nutrients for retina. These nutrients are able to protect the cells in the retina from blue light and oxidative damage, they maintain our vision in low-light condition also. Grape seed extract not just good for the health of retina, it also proven to prevent macular degeneration.

About computer and mobile phone related eye strain

The function of ciliary muscle in our eye is keep the light focus on the retina by change the shape of the lens, so we can have a clear vision. When the ciliary muscle relaxes, we can see objects that are further away, if the ciliary muscle contract, it allows us to see object that are close to the eye.

If people read book or looking at a computer screen or mobile phone for long time, it means their ciliary muscle have to keep contract for a long time and this is how eyestrain start. Therefore, we need some nutrient that’s specifically for ciliary rather than nutrients for retina.

For eye strain, Lycopene is a good choice, because Lycopene is able to increase the blood flow in ciliary muscle, so there are more oxygen and nutrient supply, it helps to speed up the recovery process.

Improve methods

Although supplement helps people to improve their health and prevent some diseases, if we can develop healthy habit for our eyes, it is better than just taking supplement. Here are some of the healthy habits.

Go hiking on weekend, look far away rather than playing with your mobile phone.

If you have to work whole day with your computer, look out of the window every 30 minutes. Spend some times to exercise after work instead of watching TV.

During working hours, you can get a pair of spectacles with blue light filter lens, it can’t block all the blue light from computer screen, but it helps to block some of it.

In a sunny day, you can wear a pair of spectacles with transition lens, it turns into sunglasses under UV light to protect your eyes.

For women, do not use contact lens with color, because the pigment in contact lens is going to block the oxygen to get into your eyes.

If you can establish all the habits above with the right supplement, your eyes are healthy.

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very well said eyes are the sensitive part of our body. Low Vision Aids are devices designed to help people with poor vision read and see. Examples include standing and hand-held magnifiers, strong magnifying reading glasses, loupes, and small telescopes.

James Harsel September 03, 2019

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