Nutrients that actively attack body fat-weight loss is no longer difficult!

Hong Kong people live a busy life and work long hours. It takes a whole day to sit in the office. It is really difficult to lose weight. Even if you really make up your mind to lose weight healthily and don’t want to take weight-loss drugs with many side effects, but at the same time you have to face the temptation of food and squeeze out time for exercise in the remaining rest time. It’s really not at all. easy.

With the advancement of science, researchers have discovered that there are many nutrients in nature that are helpful for breaking down fat and muscle growth, and even a small amount of exercise can effectively eliminate fat. Among them, Sinetrol® Xpur Mediterranean Citrus Blend containing Naringin, hesperidin and Caffeine is a good example.

Naringin is very similar to hesperidin. It is mainly extracted from citrus plants. It is also a component that imparts a bitter taste to grapes. It is a natural component and has a very low chance of causing sensitive reactions. They have been studied by many people and proved to be particularly remarkable for their anti-oxidation, anti-cancer, cholesterol-lowering and fat breakdown performance.

Naringin can accelerate the decomposition of fat in the body. When naringin and caffeine are taken together, it can not only extend the time of fat consumption, but also strengthen the intensity of cellulite. And hesperidin can accelerate the decomposition of fat and convert it into energy, so that the state of exercise is better, and it consumes more calories than usual. Hesperidin can also lower very low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and reduce the chance of stroke.

Many office workers in Hong Kong drink coffee to refresh themselves. In addition to refreshing effects, a moderate amount of caffeine can also promote metabolism, improve sports performance, accelerate the breakdown of fat, and make muscles grow faster.

The ratio of muscle to fat is closely related to the rate at which the body consumes fat, because muscle cells need energy every minute and every second to maintain their life, but fat does not. If there is more fat and less muscle, the rate of fat consumption will be slower, but if there is more muscle and less fat, it means more calories are consumed every day, so as to achieve the effect of faster weight loss.

University scientific research institutions in France and Spain have conducted clinical trials respectively, inviting people who are overweight or even obese to take Sinetrol every day. They exercise less than 30 minutes a week. After 16 weeks, the participants lost an average of 5.2% of their fat. In addition, the participants increased their muscle mass by 1.4% during extremely low exercise levels.

Although these nutrients can be ingested from food, busy Hong Kong people may choose to absorb them from more convenient health products. If you really want to take health care products, you can choose health care products that do not have genetically modified ingredients, and you will be healthier and more secure.

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