What kinds of weight loss drugs are there? How to choose a safe weight loss drug?

Some people say that women are born to love beauty, and advertisements for skin care products, cosmetics, and weight loss products are everywhere. Among them, weight-loss drugs are the easiest to affect health.

If you are obese, losing weight is a good thing, and it will have a positive effect on your whole body. But urbanites want to get results as soon as possible. In order to satisfy people's desires, weight-loss drugs that advertise fast-decreasing are very popular. Some people even take weight-loss drugs that have been listed as banned drugs. However, general weight loss drugs are accompanied by many side effects. For example: dizziness, anxiety, irritability, vision problems, etc. In severe cases, it may even cause epilepsy, cerebral hemorrhage, etc.

Three principles of weight loss drugs

Stimulate the central nervous system

Originally, by doing a moderate amount of exercise, the metabolism can be effectively accelerated, the body fat can be naturally reduced, immunity can be enhanced, and the quality of sleep can be improved. However, if the central nervous system is forcibly stimulated and drugs are used to intensify the grains, even if the weight loss effect is significant, it will easily cause headaches, excessive excitement and other problems. In severe cases, it can cause high blood pressure. Therefore, people with cardiovascular disease should not take it. For example, weight loss pills containing phenyl propanolamine.

Suppress appetite

If the weight loss medicine contains Sibutramine, you may be able to see the effect of weight loss soon. However, this drug reduces appetite by suppressing the nervous system, and its side effects are also very serious. In the short term, there may be headaches, rapid heartbeat, and moodiness. Long-term use may cause memory loss, arrhythmia, etc. Has been listed as a banned drug in 2010.


Although there are many weight loss drugs in the market that do not contain banned drugs, they do have ingredients that can cause laxations. The intestine has the function of absorbing water, various nutrients and fat. But when the food that is eaten is harmful to the body, the intestinal tract will stop absorption, which can prevent the absorption of harmful viruses or substances, and secondly, if the intestinal tract does not absorb water, it can make the stool excrete faster. Some weight-loss drugs use this mechanism of the human body to reduce the absorption of nutrients and water and excrete the stool as soon as possible, and the weight will drop, but this does not mean that the body's fat is lost. This is just a one-off excretion of stool and water from the body. As soon as the drug is stopped, the body will return to normal, and the weight will return to its original level and rebound rapidly.

How to lose weight healthy?

If you want to lose health, the simplest and natural method is often the best. Although it may take a long time, it usually takes at least a month to have an effect, but it is better than losing weight but not showing good results. A patient looks thousands of times better. For Hong Kong people, basically, only the following three points can be very helpful for healthy weight loss.

  • Busy urbanites often forget to drink water. If they can drink water according to their own weight (kg) x 30ml per day, they can already promote the metabolism of every organ, skin, weight, immunity, weight, Edema and spirit will definitely improve significantly.
  • 7 hours of sleep, even if there is enough water, if the body is not rested enough, it will cause metabolic problems.
  • 3 days a week, 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day. Just run on the street.

If you want to do more with less, you can choose natural health products (rather than chemicals or drugs). For example: [FAT BUSTER] is one of them. The natural extracts can effectively and healthy manage cholesterol and fat in the body. At the same time, it will not suppress appetite and cause malnutrition. If you like exercise, cellulite can also promote metabolism, so that you can improve your performance without harming your body; block fat without diarrhea.

Just remember: To be thin, you must be healthy and thin.

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