4 Effective Ways to Lose Weight in Mid-Autumn Festival

The week after next will be Mid-Autumn Festival which is a festival that makes people love and hate. The happy thing is that you can have dinner and chat with your family and friends, but the unhappy thing is that a lot of tasty foods during the Mid-Autumn Festival will make you accumulate a lot of fat. For the girls who look on losing weight as lifelong career, it is a bad time to trouble them as they don't know how much time and work will take to change back to the original shape. Let us share with you 4 " Ways to Lose Weight in Mid-Autumn Festival " to avoid this situation!

1. Try to choose healthy mooncakes

Elderly people like to eat Assorted Nuts Mooncake, which are often described as a healthy choice. Some nutritionists say that mooncakes with nut fillings are healthier than traditional Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake because they contain more fiber, minerals, and other trace elements, but may have higher calories. If you don’t want to eat traditional or Assorted Nuts Mooncakes, snowy mooncakes will also be a healthier choice, because snowy mooncakes use glutinous rice flour and wheat flour instead of the high-calorie and high-oil ghee and dough in traditional mooncakes. Relatively snowy mooncakes have less calories and reduce fat intake.

2. Eat with sugar-free/zero-calorie beverages

Many moon cakes will contain high-oil ingredients, and the taste will be greasier. If you drink some high-sugar drinks, you will consume a lot of calories. Therefore, it is best to match some sugar-free or zero-calorie drinks, such as sugar-free tea, water, coffee, etc., which can relieve greasiness and reduce calorie intake.

3. Control the ratio of calorie intake in three meals

Eating some high-fiber fruits and vegetables before dinner is suggested. As the plant fiber in fruits and vegetables increases satiety, it avoids overeating to reduce calorie intake. If you want to enjoy mooncakes with friends and family after dinner, you can reduce your calorie intake during breakfast or lunch and reserve a corresponding "calorie quota" for mooncakes.

4. Increase calorie burning

In addition to controlling your diet, the most direct way to lose weight is to exercise! Doing some stretching exercises, such as yoga after a meal, walking and running in the street, can increase calorie consumption, increase blood flow, and avoid blood concentration in the digestive organs, such as the intestines and stomach, and thus reduce digestion and absorption.

The above is the " Ways to Lose Weight in Mid-Autumn Festival ". If you want to have a better effect, you can take S-CELL's [FAT BUSTER] at the same time. It contains a variety of patented ingredients that can help you to knock-out fat and keep them out of your body, making sure that fats and cholesterol in the blood is easily controlled. It can also increase thermogenic effect and metabolic rate in human body, causing in increase of energy consumption, results in reduction of body fat. It is the best choice to easily shape and maintain a beautiful body!

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