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Even though time cannot be reversed, we can wipe away the traces on our faces, and even delay the effects of aging on the body, improve functions and promote health at the same time. When cells decline due to old age, the body's functions become worse. This is an irreversible biological law. However, S-CELL found the key to anti-aging and anti-aging after years of research. The magical NAD+ can accelerate the repair of genes and cells. By increasing the level of NAD+ in the body, it can actually reinject strength into the body and muscles, and at the same time strengthen the immune system to achieve the effect of anti-aging. S-CELL integrates top-notch scientific research, natural ingredients, and patented formulas, and concentrates the results in one capsule, so that everyone can reach the goal. A small capsule can bring different changes to your body. From today, eat healthy with S-CELL. The S-CELL team combines biotechnology and advanced technology to develop various anti-aging health products, practice and promote "Science of Anti-aging" to improve the global population aging problem. For vision, skin, brain health and weight control, we have developed high-quality, safe, and effective anti-aging nutritional supplements, and we are the first person to bring NAD+ to Asia.