S-CELL began through over 30 years of meticulously researching and investing globally in the best companies. S-CELL started in 2016 with CELL REVIVAL, being the first in Asia to introduce the precursor of NAD+, namely Niagen (Nicotinamide Riboside), a science backed ingredient in our formulation for the growing aging population.

Our mission is to increase the number of years of healthy living - healthspan, not just lifespan, and to provide ways to monitor and manage it. Our strong network of scientists and biotechnologist, such as Gordan Lauc and Tim Spector , allow us to bring cutting edge anti-aging technology in the science of healthy aging, deep understanding of health and science, to avail the latest and best in class products to all.

Science is constantly advancing. S-CELL is always on the look out for the latest and best. With greater awareness of our health, all of us at S-CELL will diligently spare no effort to share advanced scientifically proven products and services to the everyday life of individuals.