NAD REVIVAL 2nd Gen is a proud product of professional medical technology, including the key anti-aging patented ingredient PANMOL®NADH Micro, which can be directly absorbed as NAD+ without conversion. It is scientifically proven to be an effective ingredient to facilitate the production of cellular energy in mitochondria and so slow down the aging process.

The key ingredient of NAD Revival 2nd Gen, PANMOL®NADH Micro, is more easily absorbed than its previous generation. It is a superior anti-aging formulation that improves brain, heart, skin, muscles, and overall cellular health. It also enhances the body's ability to produce more energy for improved physical and mental performance that increase tolerance to stress and chronic fatigue.

Clock is Ticking, How to Reverse Aging?

NAD Revival boosts cellular energy to naturally activate the regenerative properties of every cell in the body that serves as the key to preserve your youth. Every aspect of our body runs on cellular energy to enable our heart to beat, our brain to produce thoughts, our muscles to withstand strenuous activities, and to practically do any activities. Maintaining a good NAD+ level in our cells will help our body to repair and to function effectively.

However, our NAD+ levels naturally deteriorates as we age. It is also excessively consumed by the body whenever we get stressed, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, overeating, heavy alcohol consumption, and other harmful daily environmental exposures. These reductions in NAD+ impair our body's ability to produce cellular energy which will make our body prone to degenerative effects of aging.


The latest anti-aging formula - each capsule of NAD REVIVAL contains five patented ingredients. A significant breakthrough that starts to slow down aging from cellular level, resulting in an overall improvement in 4Qs: AQ (Antioxidizing Quotient), HQ (Heart Quotient), BQ (Brain Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient).

AQ (Antioxidizing Quotient)

4 patented ingredients are all potent antioxidants, highly effective in resisting free radicals released during cellular energy production and protecting body cells.

HQ (Heart Quotient)

Patented ingredients Enzogenol® and Zanthin® help prevent lipid peroxidation and inflammation. These antioxidants are helpful in cardiovascular health.

BQ (Brain Quotient)

Patented ingredients PANMOL® NADH Micro, PQQ™ and SOD B® are proven to assist in protecting brain cells, increasing cognitive competence, and strengthening concentration and memory.

EQ (Emotional Quotient)

Patented ingredients PANMOL® NADH Micro helps produce Dopamine to relieve mental stress. Nucleotides and SOD B® help improve mental health and sleeping quality.


All ingredients are backed by scientific studies and facilitated by reputable clinical institutions to guarantee safe and effective use. Formulated using cutting-edge technology in an FDA approved facility in the United States.

Expiry Date: 08/2021