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Before collecting blood samples, please watch this tutorial ( to understand the test procedures.

Before starting the test, please clean your hands thoroughly with warm water and hand sanitizer, then dry them, and make sure to
Test in a clean environment and use alcohol wipes to disinfect your fingertips. We recommend choosing the middle finger of the non-dominant hand for testing.

Please make sure that the hand position needs to be lower than the heart during the test

Unscrew the cap of the lancet and place the tip on the side of your fingertip. Press it down a little harder. At this time, you should hear a "click" and feel the needle pierced the surface of your fingertip.

When the blood starts to flow out, pick up the test paper and drop the blood on the first circle of the test paper.
You may need more than one drop of blood to fill each circle.

Except for the circle in the middle, you need to fill the remaining 4 circles. If there is not enough
For blood, you can gently press the area around your fingertips to promote blood flow. When the blood fills the 4 circles, you can use the gauze and tape we provide to stop bleeding from the wound.

You should place the test strip in a ventilated place for about 2 hours to allow the blood to dry completely.
Do not place the test paper in the sun or in a place with high temperature.

After 2 hours, put 2-3 drops of "NAD Fixing Buffer" on the two
Inside the circle of "Fix". The solvent is not toxic, but you can still use it with gloves.

Let the test paper air dry for about 5 minutes, and then add 2-3 drops of solvent on the back of the circle. Then air dry again for 5 minutes, please write your name and test date on the appropriate space on the surface of the test paper.

Put the test paper in the provided compact bag, then put it in the provided envelope, and then send it back to us,
Address: 3/F, Crawford Tower, 99 Jervois St, Sheung Wan (MTR Exit A2)