NAD REVIVAL (Easter Sale)
NAD REVIVAL (Easter Sale)

NAD REVIVAL (Easter Sale)


The key ingredient of NAD Revival 2nd Gen, PANMOL®NADH Micro, is more easily absorbed than its previous generation. It is a superior anti-aging formulation that improves brain, heart, skin, muscles, and overall cellular health. It also enhances the body's ability to produce more energy for improved physical and mental performance that increase tolerance to stress and chronic fatigue.

✦ 4大專利成份 強大的抗衰老配方 
✦ PANMOL®NADH Micro - can be directly absorbed as NAD+ without conversion
✦ Improves brain, heart, skin, muscles, and overall cellular health
✦ Enhances the body's ability to produce more energy

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Clock is Ticking, How to Reverse Aging?

Our NAD+ levels naturally deteriorates as we age. It is also excessively consumed by the body whenever we get stressed, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, overeating, heavy alcohol consumption, and other harmful daily environmental exposures. These reductions in NAD+ impair our body's ability to produce cellular energy which will make our body prone to degenerative effects of aging.



NAD REVIVAL 2nd Gen is a proud product of professional medical technology, including the key anti-aging patented ingredient PANMOL®NADH Micro, which can be directly absorbed as NAD+ without conversion. It is scientifically proven to be an effective ingredient to facilitate the production of cellular energy in mitochondria and so slow down the aging process.

PANMOL® NADH Micro - More powerful anti-aging

NADH Micro is more intimate to our body and more easily absorbed compared to its older formulation NADH. NADH Micro is a biological active form of vitamin B3 which is scientifically proven to be absorbed directly by our body. NADH Micro can improve mental clarity, alertness, concentration and memory, support treatment of Alzheimer's disease, increase dopamine synthesis, improve cardiovascular health, and help alleviate chronic fatigue syndrome.

Nexira® - Pure natural extract

Nexira® is yeast extract and a natural patented ingredient. Nexira® is rich in probiotic sources and high-purity nucleotides (60% nucleotides), which can effectively enhance immunity, activate intestinal activity and maintain normal organ function. In addition, Nexira® can provide enough nucleotides to repair cells and other tissues, helping various organs and tissues in the body to maintain optimal condition.

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD B) Extramel® Melon Extract

A natural extract of cantaloupe from France. It is the most effective and natural antioxidant ingredient among fruits, for example CoQ10, preventing free radicals from damaging cellular structures. It helps strengthen cognitive ability and mental health. It can also improve sleeping quality.

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ) - better replacement of Caffeine

PQQ is a micronutrient which has been studied and demonstrated to prevent cognitive decline (memory loss, learning difficulties, etc.) due to age, stroke or neurodegenerative disorders, improve blood circulation and cardiac function and improve sleep quality, stress and fatigue.

NAD Revival - FAQ

All ingredients are backed by scientific studies and facilitated by reputable clinical institutions to guarantee safe and effective use. Formulated using cutting-edge technology in an FDA approved facility in the United States.

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諾加因子 (3個月套餐) - VitaCell International Co. Ltd
諾加因子 (3個月套餐) - VitaCell International Co. Ltd

NAD REVIVAL 3-Month Package

NAD REVIVAL 6-Month Package - S-Cell
NAD REVIVAL 6-Month Package - S-Cell

NAD REVIVAL 6-Month Package