Anti-counterfeit Security Label

To prevent anyone from imitating our company and selling counterfeit products, since 20th June 2017 we have begun sticking anti-counterfeit security stickers onto our products. You may find them at the side of the bottles. This is to prove the authenticity of our products.

Customers can scan the QR code on the sticker to confirm the product's authenticity. The sticker has:

  • Unique numbering
  • UV Inks
  • Holograms
To give customers the best anti-counterfeit and anti-theft solution.

Moreover, customers will be able to know if their product has been tampered with as removed stickers will leave the word "VOID".

Some customers may discover their product has no anti-counterfeit sticker, but this may be because their product was shipped before 20th June. This does not mean their product is fake.


If any customer discovers someone is imitating our company,
including creating a Facebook page, a website,
or even a Taobao store, please tell us.
We will report the situation to the authorities and
solve the problem as soon as possible.
We do not tolerate these situations.