About S-CELL

We are the first entrepreneur to introduce NAD+ supplements to Asian markets. We believe that anti-aging biotechnology not only can extend human lives, but also promote healthy lives in the 21st century.

Live your life to the fullest

We embrace this philosophy: regardless of ages, genders or nationalities, everyone deserves the best health and enormous vitality. With rapid development of regenerative science, it is not agreed that our body will become weaker when we age. Instead, biotechnology does not only greatly slow down aging, but also has been proven scientifically to contribute to reverse aging.

In view of this, we work with professional experts from all over the world, launching supplements which aim to improve cellular health for people with different needs. With advanced biotechnology and patented ingredients, we strive for excellence to improve cellular health by increasing NAD+ levels in our body.

We will be launching more revolutionary products with the principle of increasing NAD+ levels, including silver, platinum and gold series. We endeavour to provide you with great strength and delayed aging. Together we live our lives to the fullest.

International recognition and excellent quality assurance

We only use best of the best ingredients. By adopting the advanced biotechnology to optimize the best ingredients, we make scientific outcomes in hopes of giving you the best life.

Our products are gluten-free using vegetable capsules, recognized by GRAS and NON-GMO. The production is carried out in FDA factory in the US ensured by GMP. This guarantees that all production procedures are of highest and strictest standards.

Only because we aim at providing you with the best, the most effective and the most reliable anti-aging products. You deserve a healthy and meaningful life.