Our body naturally ages; cellular degeneration seems inevitable.

Scientists spent years and billions of dollars trying to slow down this process, and here comes the Science of Healthy Ageing.

VitaCell International Company Limited, also known as its brand name S-CELL, is a Hong Kong based nutraceutical company and the very first to introduce NAD+ cellular boosters to Asian markets in 2016. Now, it is expanding to the rest of the world.

By adopting the advanced biotechnology, the founder and chairman, Mr. John Gong has utilized these scientific breakthroughs into supplements for anti-aging and overall wellness.

In 2016, Mr. Gong met with a team of scientists and experts to formulate the anti-aging supplement aimed at bringing the latest advances in cellular health.

S-Cell combines patent, natural and cutting-edge ingredients to formulate quality supplements in different aspects.

The Science of Healthy Ageing has broken the myth of folk prescriptions. S-CELL has partnered with most advanced international laboratories that produce latest patents through strenuous scientific studies and clinical trials.

You can be one of many S-CELL affiliates, resellers, or distributors and start earning commissions while influencing healthy living for all.